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Cherry Road Elementary



Brett King
Cherry Road Principal

201 Cherry Road
Syracuse, NY 13219
Main Office: (315) 426-3300
Health Office: (315) 426-3320
Transportation: (315) 426-3030
Main Office Email:

Welcome Back Reminders & Information
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Cherry Road School

Welcome to Cherry Road School. We invite you to visit our website frequently as we will continue to keep it up-to-date and make changes and additions to our pages throughout the year.

Our school is located in the heart of Westvale, just outside the city of Syracuse. We have approximately 389 students in grades two, three, and four that live in the communities of Westvale and Onondaga Hill. Cherry Road School always brings warm memories to all who have attended or served here. It is a very warm, cheerful, child-centered school in which its rich history and excellence is respected and reinforced.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Cherry Road through our website.



At Cherry Road, we all strive together to develop the following traits in our students. 

Our students will:

Have a high moral character.

Develop academic skill sets to their greatest potential.

Develop a love of learning

Strive to exhibit the qualities of self control, self monitoring, self advocacy, and respect for all people

Develop an ability to solve their own problems academically and socially

Learn to be resilient individuals

April 12, 2021
Students start back 5 days a week!  Welcome back!

April 13, 2021
School Banking

April 15, 2021
School Banking

April 22, 2021
NYS ELA Tests/Grade 3 & 4

April 23, 2021
NYS ELA Make-Ups / Student Report cards go home.  Remote student report cards wil be mailed.

April 27, 2021
School Banking

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