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Cherry Road Elementary


Jeremie Auge
Cherry Road Principal

Main Office:
(315) 426-3300

Rich Lucio
School Resource Officer

Main Office Fax:
(315) 468-0623

Main Office Email:

Health Office:
(315) 426-3320

Health Office Fax:
(315) 426-3324

(315) 426-3030

School Address:
201 Cherry Road
Syracuse, NY 13219


Welcome to Cherry Road School. We invite you to visit our website frequently as we will continue to keep it up-to-date and make changes and additions to our pages throughout the year.

Our school is located in the heart of Westvale, just outside the city of Syracuse. We have approximately 389 students in grades two, three, and four that live in the communities of Westvale and Onondaga Hill. Cherry Road School always brings warm memories to all who have attended or served here. It is a very warm, cheerful, child-centered school in which its rich history and excellence is respected and reinforced.

We hope you enjoy learning more about Cherry Road through our website.

Mission Statement:

At Cherry Road, we all strive together to develop the following traits in our students.

Our students will:

  • Have a high moral character.
  • Develop academic skill sets to their greatest potential.
  • Develop a love of learning
  • Strive to exhibit the qualities of self control, self monitoring, self advocacy, and respect for all people
  • Develop an ability to solve their own problems academically and socially
  • Learn to be resilient individuals



Marion Parsons Achievement Award
The Marion Parsons Achievement Award is awarded to two students in the fourth grade class that exemplify the qualities Mrs. Parsons held most dear to her; having a high moral character, being a well-developed citizen, achieving scholastically across the year and having a set of diversified interests all make students eligible for this award.  The award recipients are determined through a collaboration between the second, third and fourth grade teachers, along with the specials teachers, teaching assistants and the administrator at Cherry Road School.  This year's winners are Mary Kate Rudy and Matthew Rose.

Ronald Hill School Spirit Award
The Ronald Hill School Spirit Award is awarded to two fourth grade students that demonstrate exemplary character traits that Mr. Hill exemplified while principal at Cherry Road School.  Some of these traits include kindness, patience, empathy, a sensitivity towards fairness, a willingness to help others and being able to persevere when presented with challenges as well as demonstrating a good sense of humor.  The award recipients are also determined through a collaboration between all fourth grade teachers, specials teachers, teaching assistants and the administrator at Cherry Road School.  The 2022-2023 school year winners for the Ronald Hill School Spirit Award are Laney Baracco, Rory Killoran and Cairo Myers.
September 4
First Day of School
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Stephen R. Dunham, Superintendent
400 Walberta Road
Syracuse, NY 13219
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