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Technology for Learning

Technology at Westhill

Technology in the classroom is used to engage, support, and further student learning. We believe technology supports our district goals in working towards better collaboration, communication, creativity, and critical thinking. It can open doors to new learning experiences where non existed before. 

Acceptable Use Policy and Student Handbook

Chromebooks are devices designed to work in a cloud-based environment such as G Suite for Education (Google apps). G Suite offers a wide variety of applications online that students have anytime, anywhere access to such as: Classroom, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drawings, and much more. Teachers use Classroom to assign activities, offer resources, collect work, and give feedback. Students use Google Drive to take notes, write essays, organize thoughts, analyze spreadsheet data, create presentations, and most of all collaborate with their peers. 

Read more about G Suite for Education and Chromebooks

Teacher  Resources

Todd Parks' Website for instructional tutorials and resources
Google Classroom Help PowerTeacher Pro Help
Touchscreen Chromebooks Resources GoGuardian for MS
Assistive Technology
Troubleshooting Tips for Common Problems
  • Turn it off and turn it back on again
  • Sign out and sign in again
  • Try a different browser (if you can)
  • Make sure all cables are plugged in tightly
  • Can you do it on a different machine?
Work Order System

Parent Resources

Introduction to G Suite and Chromebooks

Google for Education Privacy and Security Center

GSuite Security and Trust
Katie Harmon
Director of Educational Technology

Important Links:
WCSD Technology Plan
BYOD WCSD Library Resource
SmartBond Act
Westhill Foundation

Teacher Resources:
WHS ChromeBook Signout

Additional IT Support:
Todd Parks
Technology Integration Specialist

Annette Casper 
Computer Applications Teacher

Karen Fenner
WHS Library & Media Specialist

Penny Feeney
Library & Media Specialist

Karin Backus
CRS Library & Media Specialist

Aneisa Linton
WPS Library & Media Specialist

Nate DeVita
Network Administrator

Jon Dussing
Network Administrator

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