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3280 Community Use of School Facilities
The Board of Education will consider requests that align to Policy 3280.
Process for Obtaining a Permit for Use of School Facilities

  1. Any group that would like to utilize district facilities shall create a user account on ML Schedules.

  2. When creating a user account, all outside groups must use their name as the user.  School team or activity group names are not permitted to be used when requesting facilities outside of the season or scope of the school day.

  3. The request by an outside group or agency shall include the following:

                       A. A completed request through ML Schedules

B. A Certificate of Insurance with a minimum of $1,000,000 liability coverage, naming the district and additional insured.  

                       C. Approval by the Building Principal and/or Department Director.

  1. Requests that are complete shall be forwarded to the review. A Use of Facilities request requires approval by the Board of Education. 

  2. Outside groups must abide by all Board of Education policies when utilizing the district’s facilities.

  3. All requests must be submitted on ML Schedules no later than four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled event for Board of Education approval.

  4. When a request is submitted, the Superintendent, Building Principal, Director of Athletics or Board of Education may request additional information regarding said group and activity.

  5. If a person and/or group uses district facilities without approval, said person or group may be barred from future use of district facilities and subject to legal action if deemed necessary and appropriate.

Additional Rules Regarding Use of Facilities:

  1. The activity shall not extend beyond the hours approved in the request.

  2. The activity shall be restricted to the area approved in the request.

  3. The supervisor in charge of the activity shall be present before the activity begins and remain with the group until all attendees have left the facilities being used.

  4. The group using the facilities shall be responsible for getting its equipment in and out the building/on and off the fields.

  5. Where rearrangement of district furniture and equipment is necessary, the group shall get prior approval from the district.

  6. All areas requested and equipment will be left in the condition it was found.

  7. All programs planned and approved shall have no impact on the instructional or extra-curricular programs in the district.

  8. Rates for use of facilities are outlined in Exhibit 3280-E.  Additional charges for use of facilities as outlined by Exhibit 3280-E may be adjusted for any custodial overtime, auditorium or technology technicians, security personnel and other site personnel and services as required.

  9. An invoice will be created once a request is approved by the Board of Education.

  10. Additional charges will be billed within 30 days of the completion of the event.  Such billings must be paid within 30 days.  If not paid, the group will not be permitted future authorization of facility use.

  11. Charges for any facility or equipment that is damaged will be charged at the actual cost of the damage repair or replacement cost.  Damaged property due to neglect or lack of supervision will result in revoking already approved requests or impact future use of facility requests.

    Community Use of School Facilities

    Westhill Building Use Fees

    Gymnasium rental:  $50/hour plus custodial fees
    Auditorium rental:    $125/hour plus custodial fees
    Site Coordinator: $100/hour
    Sound Operator : $65/hour
    Lighting Operator :$65/hour
    Equipment use fee [piano/risers/stands only]: $100/event
    Security:  $50/hour per person 
    Custodial:  $60/hour for building use on a weekday per room used
    Custodial:  $75/hour for building use on a weekend per room used

Athletic Complex and Facility Use Fees

Complete rental fee  $1200 [includes site coordinator, scoreboard operator, custodial service for a maximum of 5 hours]

Field Rental Only       $150/hour

Site Coordinator       $100/hour

Ticket Seller                   $45/hour

Lights                  $50/hour

Custodians                     $60 per hour weekday/$75 per hour weekend per person

Security                          $75/hour per person

Scoreboard                   $70/per event

Scoreboard Operator     $40/hour

PA System                     $70/per event

ALL facility requests are to be completed online using ML Schedules.  The first step is to create a user account in ML Schedules.  You can do this by clicking on the link to ML Schedules located after Step 2 [HIGHLIGHTED IN YELLOW].  Be sure to complete all information fields and then click the submit button.  When you receive an e-mail confirmation that your account has been approved, you may log into ML Schedules and begin to submit facility use requests.

Creating an account

Submitting a Facility Use Request

Once your account has been created and registered, you can click on the link under Step 2 which will bring you to the login screen for ML Schedules for Westhill. 
  • Log in using your account information
  • Choose the request by one of the four categories [by specific time and date, by specific space, as a recurring event, multiple spaces]
  • Complete all information fields and submit
Link:  ML Schedules User Guide
  1. Please DO NOT consider your event approved until you receive an automated e-mail from ML Schedules indicating that your request was approved.
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