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Important Information Related to Wellness

Information about Pre Paid Lunch/ Breakfast Program
We have recently automated the school cafeterias.  The new cafeteria system includes a Point-of-Sale terminal which allows us to track and report information required of us by numerous Federal and State regulations regarding the National School Lunch Program as well as information regarding student purchases.

As part of this new system, each student will have a debit “account” and Personal Identification Number (PIN) for cafeteria purchases.   Parents may choose to deposit money in the account for students to use to purchase breakfast, lunch and ala carte items from the school cafeteria.  As students come through the line they enter their PIN, purchases are made and if money has been deposited on account, the cost of the items is deducted from the balance.  If parents choose not to prepay, students can pay cash for their lunches.
What Are The Benefits Of The New System?
§       Parents know where their money is going.  Limits can be set on snacks and meal purchases when meal credits are purchased in advance.  Cash cannot be taken out of an account.
§       Parents can pay with a weekly, monthly or yearly check.  They don’t have to worry about finding spare change for the student every day and the money won’t be lost before lunch or breakfast, either.
§       Free and reduced meal program students cannot be distinguished from paid students at the register.
If you wish to continue to pay cash for your child’s lunch or breakfast, it is suggested that you send in a small prepayment ($5.00) to deposit to your child’s account in the event that lunch or breakfast money is forgotten.  This will save both you and your child the additional worry of dealing with this situation. Children will no longer be able to borrow forgotten lunch or breakfast money from the school.

     As you have probably heard in the media, childhood obesity rates have doubled and adolescent obesity has tripled in the past two decades leading to a dramatic rise in Type II diabetes in teenagers.  In an effort to educate our children about healthy snack choices and to comply with the District’s Wellness Policy, we ask that you follow these guidelines in selecting foods and drinks for classroom celebrations:
1.     Milk should be skim or 1% fat selections.
2.     Water, 100% fruit juices and lemonade are good choices.
3.     Avoid soda products.
4.     One “Healthy snack” per student (5 grams of fat or fewer, <10% of Daily Value of total fat/serving, 30 grams of carbohydrate or fewer and <10% of Daily value of total carbohydrate/serving, no more than 360 mg of Sodium/serving).  Examples include any fruit,  raw vegetables, low fat dip, pretzels, low fat popcorn, crackers, animal crackers, certain energy bars, etc)
5.     One “Sweet Treat” per student.  Examples include cookies, cupcakes, etc
6.     Avoid hard candy and gum.
Please be aware of any specific allergy concerns in your child’s classroom which includes the following.

If you have any questions about what to bring into the classroom for celebrations, please contact your child’s teacher.
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