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Buckets for St. Baldrick’s Huge Success

On Sunday, March 26th, basketball players from all over Central New York in 2nd through 9th grades came together to participate in the 2nd Annual Buckets for St. Baldrick’s at Cherry Road Elementary School. Buckets for St. Baldrick's is a 3 on 3 basketball tournament with a goal of bringing people together to play and celebrate their love of basketball, but more importantly, to raise awareness and money to fight childhood cancer.  


Westhill Senior Bodie Centore is the event organizer which recognizes and honors kids that have been diagnosed with cancer and are now cancer free, those who are still in treatment, and those that have passed away. Bodie’s leadership and passion for helping others has taken this from an idea to a community-wide event. This year Bucket for St. Baldrick’s has eclipsed the $42,000 mark!  


Superintendent Dunham commented that “It's inspiring to see one of our students bettering the lives of others, making a positive difference, and bringing a community together to be a part of something bigger than all of us.”


If you are interested in supporting Buckets for St. Baldrick’s click on the event page.

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