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Environmental Science Students Field Trip

Environmental Science students in Mrs. Weinsztok’s classes recently visited the Wastewater Treatment Plant in Syracuse. In class, they have been learning about water, how we pollute it, how to protect it  and why it's such a vital resource. Prior to their field trip, students learned about the history of Onondaga Lake, including an overview of the resorts and parks that made Syracuse a tourist destination. In addition, students studied why Syracuse is known as the "salt city", what "soda ash" was/is used for as part of the story behind the lake's contamination and how we continue to pollute the lake with combined sewer overflow.  

While at the Treatment Plant, students learned a great deal about the restoration efforts tied to Onondaga Lake and the contaminated land around it and were able to ask some targeted questions of Honeywell representatives, who are responsible for the cleanup efforts. 

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