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SAGE A Musical Reflection

SAGE A Musical Reflection

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   SAGE A Musical Reflection  is set in the present and follows our main character (William) through a calm morning of waking, tea time, reading, speaking on the phone,watching tv and going for a walk. Though SAGE is set in the present, it is filmed as an old fashioned, black and white silent film style, complete with subtitles (old fashioned intertitles). William progresses through his simple morning, and we see his memories and actions brought 'to life' through lively singing and dancing numbers. In the end, we learn that William lives with heartbreaking loss and amidst that, he cherishes the memories that are still alive to him. He continues to walk through life, embracing the beauty of the journey that is still to be had. 

   A look behind the curtain.......About SAGE  production: This year was a first for OHMS show production! How did staff and students bring SAGE together?Cast and crew members lept into a new manner of production this 2021 Musical season and created something truly special!
  'William' is an 8th grade student at OHMS and his leading role brought a lot of work along with it. Owen filmed every single 'take' in his home,  setting up the camera to best capture each shot. He edited and submitted all of these takes to create the story line for William- BRAVO Owen! 
   The Art Crew worked with OHMS art teacher, Mrs. Feyerabend to create cast backdrops which would be hung against a black backdrop in the OHMS Cafeteria. Art Crew students also secured and created props used throughout the filming! 

   Meanwhile, all  cast members rehearsed in the OHMS cafeteria, 12' apart singing in their masks to learn music. When their music was learned, high school production team helpers came to OHMS to set up sound equipment and record vocals. Each student vocal part was recorded separately (on separate microphones), in batches of 4-5 at a time!
  All solo singers recorded their vocals at home using a recording in their ears as they recorded their acapella vocal lines! All soloists submitted their vocal solo to be paired with the seperately recorded instrumental track.
  All instrumental parts were recorded by area musicians/educators! Bass, guitar, percussion, trumpet, trombone, saxophone......instrumentalists listened to a recording while they recorded their solo instrument line. All of their recordings were submitted and then compiled to create a small band/combo sound.
   All dances were filmed at OHMS, soloists recorded independently in front of their respective backdrop while two devices were recording them simultaneously. They sang while, in the background, their song was being played. Full ensemble dance numbers were recorded the same way!
   The ending scene was filmed on OHMS school grounds with help and technology from Westhill High School production team. 
  During production week, High School TriMstudents & production team students as well as a large group of staff members came together to make our students look and sound ready for recording! 
  All separate recordings of singing, dancing and instrumentals were compiled, edited and arranged using Garageband and Imovie technologies. 
  SAGE A Musical Reflection was created specifically for this moment in time, when rehearsing both in person and remotely still allowed for production to take place. Careful selection of music materials allows us to record the show and have it available for WCSD families and friends to enjoy together now and in the future! 
  Please be sure to congratulate all cast and crew members you see on their one of a kind production!! Cast and crew of SAGE, you should be so proud of your work- your entire production team, staff and community are proud of your willingness to create something beautiful in a year that's so incredibly different!

~SAGE Production Team~ 

A vivid journey of a man’s memorable life. Through song and music we are transported through his  ... “good ole days.”

Join us for this dynamic musical experience.


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