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2nd Annual Battle of the Books 2nd Annual Battle of the Books:   On March 11th, four teams of 5th and 6th graders and two teams of 7th and 8th graders competed in our second Battle of the Books. This was a librarian’s dream, well at least it was a dream for this middle school librarian! The Battle of the Books is a regional competition in which students work in teams to read and study a set of eight novels over the course of the school year. The students then participate in a “Jeopardy-style” tournament to demonstrate their knowledge of the books. We are so incredibly proud of all the students and teacher volunteer coaches that took part in this year’s battle and we can’t wait to do it again next year. A huge shout out to our two winning teams! Our 5th/6th grade team, The Bookworms, won by three points. Congratulations ...
P.S. I Love You Day P.S. I Love You Day:   This year at Cherry Road, some of the classrooms celebrated Valentine’s Day a bit differently. While there was still the traditional trading of valentines, our third grade team and others throughout the building celebrated by shedding light on the importance of being kind to everyone. Headed up by our very own Ms. Tooley, the third grade students, teachers and other staff celebrated P.S. I Love You Day to help remind us to always include everyone, be kind to people who are different than us and to think about how words and actions affect someone else. Students and staff wore purple to show their support. Some students planted flowers to bring home, some read stories about being kind and dealing with differences and others did various crafts. Overall it was a huge ...
Happy New Year Happy New Year: Happy New Year! Mrs. Merritt’s class learned about Lunar New Year and celebrated by participating in a dragon dance, making tangram pictures and making an origami bookmark with the animal of the year, the ox.
WHS Drama Club's Left to Our Own Devices WHS Drama Club's Left to Our Own Devices: WHS DRAMA CLUB PRODUCTION  The Westhill High School Drama Club invites you to watch our production of  Left to Our Own Devices .  This virtual play is a set of ten scenes about communicating with or through our devices.  The scenes are touching, silly and sweet.  All of the high school actors recorded themselves at their own homes. The director, Joseph Buchmann, then edited them and created them into these ten charming short films.  I hope you take the time to watch each of these scenes and see what happens when we are “Left to our own Devices!”   Regular Schmegular.  Link:  
Playground Communication Board Playground Communication Board: The playground communication board at WPS is done and installed. This board now makes it possible for all children to be able to functionally communicate in a leisurely setting. Making our playground inclusive to everyone was the goal when we envisioned this board. The project helps all children connect to each other by allowing them to use (point to) universal symbols to communicate with each other when there is an expressive language barrier while on the playground. This can be used by students who experience high levels of worry and “freeze” when they are feeling this way or have trouble articulating their thoughts, feelings or ideas. This will provide the ability for all learners to connect in a positive manner in an unstructured environment including inviting others to ...
Fall Celebrations Fall Celebrations: Second graders enjoyed their fall celebrations, both in class and virtually. Fun was had by all and we’d like to say a big thank you to WEST for the goody bags! 
5th Grade Science 5th Grade Science: The fifth graders have been enjoying our new Smithsonian Science unit. They have been working to answer the focus question, “How have humans impacted the water we need?”. In this lesson, the students were given water contaminated with soil and fertilizer. They worked together to design and test a three step solution to filter the nitrates out of the water. 
Chemistry Halloween Labs Chemistry Halloween Labs: Ms. Evanchof’s and Mr. Maimone’s chemistry labs completed a spooky “Hocus Pocus Potions Lab” the week of Halloween. Common household chemicals took on a haunted twist as they were labeled with Halloween-themed names. For example, green dish soap was labeled “Toad Slime” and water was labeled “Witch’s Tears.” At the end of the lab, students had fun guessing what each chemical was. Overall, students enjoyed the hands-on experience that tied together science and the holiday. 
Back to School Books Back to School Books:   Kindergarten students in Mrs. Cooper’s classroom make back to school books.
Thanking Others Thanking Others:   Mrs. Vertucci’s class is learning about community helpers and thanking people for helping others. The students wrote thank you notes to WEST for their donation of playground equipment for recess.
Exploring Harbor Brook Exploring Harbor Brook:   High school biology students took time to create Individual Leaf Litter packs that will collect a variety of stream critters, which will be used to analyze the water quality. The students enjoy doing this outdoor lab experience every year, even with masks! The stream also decided to play “stuck in the mud” with one student (Keegan Bryant).
PARENT RESOURCES TO DISCUSS RACISM & DIVERSITY PARENT RESOURCES TO DISCUSS RACISM & DIVERSITY: Dear Westhill Families,   Conversations about racism are important for all families. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming, and we’d like to help.  We’ve curated a list of resources that can help you as you talk with your children about these important issues.  We will continue to update this list as we find additional resources, to better support you in these conversations.   We encourage you to preview the materials before sharing with your children, to ensure that they are a good fit for your child’s age.   Videos Same Difference by Calida Rawles   A Kids Book About Racism by Jelani Memory   Let’s Talk about Race by Julius Lester   Being ...
Math Exploration Math Exploration:   Kindergarten students are enjoying learning about and exploring shapes. They are learning about hexagons by finding several ways to build a hexagon using pattern blocks.  
OHMS Welcome Team OHMS Welcome Team: If you have you ever driven by OHMS on a Friday morning and seen an excited, boisterous group of students at the front of the school, then you’ve probably witnessed our Welcome Team in action! Every Friday morning, rain or shine, this small but mighty group greets all staff and students that enter our school. These students believe that the mission of the Welcome Team is to: • Start the day on a happy note. • Create excitement for the school day. • Make people happy, smile and laugh. • Make it enjoyable walking into school. • Make sure every student feels welcome at OHMS. If you want to start your Friday off with a smile, take a drive by OHMS where you can see the Welcome Team putting a little cheer in everyone’s day. #otherpeoplematter ...
National Technical Honor Society National Technical Honor Society: On November 21, 2019, eight Westhill High School students were inducted into the National Technical Honor Society. The mission of the NTHS is to honor student achievement and leadership, promote educational excellence and enhance career and scholarship opportunities for members. Congratulations to Dominick Carfagno, Kevin Kelly, Adam Amaya, Hannah Sheridan, Amal Aboushanab, Madelyn Wheelden, Angelina Camardella and Alyiah Geiger.
Kindergarten Garden Kindergarten Garden: Walberta’s 2018-2019 kindergartners planted a variety of plants in our courtyard garden. The students and staff members enjoyed eating cherry tomatoes, looking at the varieties of sunflowers and seeing pumpkins grow. This year, our garden produced enough pumpkins for every classroom to have at least one! Here are a few of Mrs. Merritt’s students with a bit of our harvest
P2 at Work P2 at Work: In Mrs. Evans’ class, 5th graders have been getting in the fall spirit! During the Positivity Project character trait week of creativity, students worked to become fluent writers and build writing stamina during EL. For this fun fall activity, students incorporated creativity from P2 and writing fluency from EL. They were asked to use their creative minds to turn an ordinary leaf into a new image and write a story about it to practice writing fluency. This is one creative group of students!
ECOS Makes Boomerang Bags to Help Environment ECOS Makes Boomerang Bags to Help Environment: The Westhill High School ECOS club has been working on a new project by sewing reusable bags called “Boomerang Bags”. The idea for the creation of these bags originated in Australia after two young girls started a conversation about plastic waste, such as plastic bags, and how much is produced each year and that it keeps damaging our environment. The idea was that if they could start creating reusable bags they would spread awareness about the use of plastic bags and how it keeps harming our precious environment. They decided to name these bags “Boomerang Bags”. The idea quickly spread and has reached several different countries and communities, such as our own. Boomerang Bags have reached over 800 communities worldwide! Now, our ECOS club is in on this amazing ...
Volleyball Wins Section III and NYS Regional Titles Volleyball Wins Section III and NYS Regional Titles: Congratulations to the Westhill Girls Volleyball team, the 2019 Class B New York State Volleyball State Champions!
Volleyball Wins Section III and NYS Regional Titles Volleyball Wins Section III and NYS Regional Titles:   The Warrior volleyball team took home their second consecutive Section III title on Saturday November 9, 2019 at Fayetteville Manlius High School. The girls beat the Trojans of Homer High School in four games to capture the Section III “Class B” title. The Warriors advanced to New York State regional play where they captured the NYS “Class B”  Regional Championship beating the Cougars of Honeoye Falls Lima in three games. The girls will play for the New York State Championship November 23-24 at the Glens Fall Civic Center (Cool Insuring Arena). Congratulations and good luck, Lady Warriors!

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