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Dr. Beth Kramer, Principal

September 2019
Dear Walberta Park Families –
We have been working all summer to make sure that we are ready for the best year ever!  There are many exciting initiatives taking place this year:
  • We have adopted a new ELA curriculum at the elementary level, Expeditionary Learning – now called EL.  EL is research-based and ensures that all students master rigorous content, develop positive character, and produce high quality work.  For in-depth information about EL, click here.
  • The next generation math standards are being taught to students – to learn more about these standards and the 8 mathematical practices that we are looking for students to apply, click here
  • P2 – The Positivity Project.  Our entire district is celebrating the 24 character strengths and supporting the motto of “Other People Matter.”  For more information about P2 – check our website and/or click here.
  • The Primary Project.  Our district has been awarded a grant to implement the Primary Project.  Primary Project is a school-based program designed to enhance school related competencies and reduce social, emotional, and school adjustment difficulties in children in Kindergarten through third grade.  Just as teachers regularly gather information on a child’s academic skills, it is important to gather standard information on how a child is adjusting to school. Teachers meet with the Primary Project team and discuss children that could benefit from Primary Project. Parents and other staff at the school may also recommend children for participation in Primary Project. The children who benefit the most from Primary Project are the ones who are shy, nervous, have difficulty engaging with other children, or have some trouble with their behavior. If you think your child would be a good candidate to participate in Primary Project, let staff at your school know.  More information will be forthcoming.  You can find out more about the Primary Project by clicking here.
  • We have another administrator joining us!  Mr. Jeremie Auge – has been a teacher at both CRS and OHMS, as well as a technology integration specialist for our district.  He is doing his administrative internship this year and will be working at Walberta Park as we start off the year.  His expertise and presence will be a benefit to us all.
We are looking forward to seeing everyone on the first day of school, September 4.  Remember that school starts each day at 8:40 am and ends at 3:00 pm.  Make sure that your child (and you!) get a good night’s sleep each night and help them establish healthy routines and we embark on the exciting adventure of a new school year.

Enjoy the Month of September!
Dr. Beth Kramer
Principal Walberta Park School


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