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Dr. Beth Kramer, Principal

December 2018

Dear Walberta Families,
As we enter the Holiday Season, my wish is for you all to enjoy the magic of season while not letting the busyness and stress overwhelm you.  Due to the snowday in November, our Monthly Program was canceled.  We did do an in-house celebration of November Birthdays and kicked off our Charity Event of Coins for Kids.  The coins we collect this season will be going to three entities - Syracuse Challenger Baseball, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, and the WEST community fund.  We will announce November Birthdays again (along with the December Birthdays) during the December Monthly Program while families are in attendance for the children's Holiday sing-a-long on December 21st.  
Here are some educational gift ideas to keep in mind when buying presents for your children:




Simon Electronic Hand Held
7- adult
Auditory memory; sequencing sounds
6 and up
Vocabulary- descriptives, categories; auditory memory; deductive reasoning; turn-taking; winning/losing a game
Outburst, Jr.
7 -14
Vocabulary development, super- and subordinate categories; Team work social skills; winning/losing
Clue, Jr.
5 – 8
Deductive reasoning; counting; vocabulary; (organizational skills) using a checklist; turn taking
Guess Who
5 and up
Deductive reasoning; asking yes/no questions; learning how to clarify; observing details; requesting details; turn-taking
Sorry Boardgame
6 - adult
Counting; turn-taking; winning/losing behaviors
Scrabble, Jr.
5 and up
Spelling; sound-symbol relations; vocabulary development;
Cranium Kid’s Cadoo
Creativity; gesturing; team work; turn-taking; eye contact; vocabulary development
Cranium Cariboo
Letter identification; shapes; colors; numbers and counting; vocabulary; turn taking; winning/losing
Chutes + Ladders
Colors; counting; locatives; turn-taking; winning/losing
Color recognition; matching; simple counting; vocabulary; turn-taking; winning/losing
Math skills- counting, money, buying/selling, reasoning/ bargaining; vocabulary; life related concepts; winning/losing; deductive and inductive reasoning. etc
Hi Ho! Cherry-O
3 – 6
Counting to 10; fine motor control of fingers; consequences; turn-taking; winning/losing
Banana Slap
Card Game
5 and up
Oral-motor fun (making funny faces and sounds)
Feed the Kitty Game
Simple counting; matching; fine motor control; left/right concepts; turn-taking; winning/losing
Apples to Apples, Jr.
Vocabulary; making comparisons; reasoning; explaining; persuading
Humor (absurdity); reading; consensus
What’s in Ned’s Head
4 and up
Stereognosis (identifying an object by feel); fine motor; matching pictures to objects; turn-taking; promotes laughter
Honeybee Tree
4 and up
Fine motor control; reasoning; least/most concepts; counting; turn-taking
5 and up
Fine motor control; reasoning; least/most concepts; counting; turn-taking
Loopin’ Louie
5 and up
Fine motor and timing; reasoning; least/most concepts; counting; turn-taking; promotes laughter
Disney Enchanted
Cupcake Party
3 and up
Works on visual perceptual skills, in-hand manipulation, manual dexterity, fine motor precision, coordination, sequencing, timed motor response, social skills
Spot It
6 and up
Visual scanning and visual memory, visual discrimination, matching visual constancy
Froggy Feeding Fun
4 and up
Color and number identification, manual dexterity, hand strengthening, turn-taking
Don’t Break The Ice
4 and up
Problem solving, graded control, fine motor control, grasping patterns, turn-taking, social skills like winning/losing
Farm Alarm
5 and up
Memory and recall, sequencing, turn-taking, and language skills and laughter! J
Pictionary, Jr
   Vocabulary, writing
A couple of out-of-school events you may be interested in attending:
  • 12/3/18 - Monday - 7:00 pm is the Geddes Annual Christmas Tree Lighting with snacks and Holiday entertainment to follow at Cherry Road School
  • 12/7/18 - Friday - Westhill High Students will be hosting a Holiday event for children from 5:00 - 7:00 pm
For future planning, next monthly programs will be on January 18, 2019 and February 15, 2019.  
Have a great December and Happy Holidays to you and yours!

With Sincerity,
Dr. Beth Kramer
Walberta Park Principal

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