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Information requests to inspect records may be directed to the Records Access Officer: 

Steven Smith
Records Access Officer
Westhill Central School District
400 Walberta Road
Syracuse, NY 13219
(315) 426-3000
(315) 488-6411 fax number

The records access officer will respond within five (5) business days upon receipt of the written request by issuing a written denial, or by acknowledging the request and stating the  approximate date, which shall be reasonable under the circumstances of the request, when such request will be granted or denied.

Records will be made available for inspection and copying at the District Office. A charge of $.25 per photocopy will be charged for records copied at the District Office.

Notice: You have the right to appeal a denial within thirty (30) days to:
Casey Barduhn
Superintendent of Schools
Westhill Central School District
400 Walberta Road
Syracuse, NY 13219
(315) 426-3272
(315) 488-6411 fax number

Link to Freedom of Information Law web page (create hyperlink to


The New York State Child Abuse Hotline toll-free number is 1-800-342-3720.

Llame al número de teléfono gratuito del Estado de Nueva York es 1-800-342-3720.




Walberta Park Elementary
(315) 426-3200

Cherry Road Elementary
(315) 426-3300

Onondaga Hill Middle School
(315) 426-3400

Westhill High School
(315) 426-3100

(315) 426-3030

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Casey W. Barduhn, Superintendent

400 Walberta Road
Syracuse, NY 13219

Phone: (315) 426 - 3000

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