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Technology for Learning

Our Vision:

The Westhill Central School District is committed to being a leader in technology integration education by supporting the development and implementation of innovative programs that promote capable use of technology and digital media.

Westhill Students Using Technology to Learn
Learning to Fly at Westhill High:

Several students of Mr. Ferrick's class enjoy flying drones. Learning spatial physics and the immutable laws of physics are easily demonstrated when trying to pilot a flying drone known as a quadcopter.
Skype Session   Connecting beyond the walls of the classroom at Onondaga Hill MIddle School:
Mrs. Shepardson and Mr. Auge's students have been reading non-fiction in Storyworks. The article "Our World Turned to Water" shared the devastating flooding that struck Baton Rouge, Louisiana in August 2016. The article focused on the strength of the community before, during and after the storm. In order to help the students understand this better, they were able to Skype with the school featured in the article. Carefully crafted questions from the students drove the Skype to leave the students with a deeper and real connection to the catostrophic events of the flood. This was a great experience for our students.

Personalized learning experience for first grade students at WPS:
Mrs. Linton's library computer class of first grade children quickly take to learning how to use the chomebook laptop to select books or songs to read and listen. When students are able to personalize their learning by having choice, which is also one of the elements of inquiry based learning, they are more apt to have a deeper level of learning through their own experience. Young students adapt quickly to navigating the laptop computer to locate resources, such technical skil development also prepares them for the world of tomorrow. 
WPS student looking at story on computer
  WPS student looking at music on computer
Second Grade Students Use Chromebooks & Google Classroom:
Mr. Mace's second grade class started off the school year with a quick lesson about using the touchscreen Chromebooks and the Google Classroom. Students will start using Google Classroom to access frequently used websites such as myOn and Raz-Kids for reading practice. 

Deric Tallman
Director of Instructional Technology

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