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Westhill Central School District Safety Committee Members:

•    Steve Smith, Assistant Superintendent for Business Administration
•    Ed Wittkowski, Superintendent of Buildings & Grounds
•    Ken Waldby, District Safety Officer

Special Area Representatives

•    Jennie Smarrelli, Athletic Director
•    Tammy Sterling, Nurses
•    Jeri Burke, Transportation Director
•    Deric Tallman, Technology Director
•    Cyndi Hynes, WEST President
•    Rich Gunther, Food Service

 Association Representatives/Designees

•    Michael Root, Teachers
•    John Patapow, Support Staff
•    Lee Roscoe, Administrators

 Building Representatives

•    Jean Pounder, Westhill High School
•    Sheri Goldthwaite, Onondaga Hill Middle School
•    Colleen O'Brien, Walberta Park Elementary School
•    Rick Mace, Cherry Road Elementary School

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