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Westhill Central School District - Board of Education

The Board of Education, whose members are elected for a five-year term, represents the residents of the district. The Board is responsible for policies and regulations governing public education within the district and delegates the overall management of these policies to the Superintendent as its Chief Executive Officer.

Members of the Board of Education

  • Mrs. Lisa O'Reilly, President
  • Mrs. Roseanne Scrimale, Vice President
  • Mr. James Wickersham, Member
  • Mr. Andrew Starowicz, Member
  • Mr. Patrick Cassidy, Member
Board of Education
Goals 2019-2020
1.  All students of the Westhill Central School District will learn in a supportive district culture and climate that fosters a love of learning while providing innovative educational opportunities in programs that inspire creative, self-motivated, confident, and resilient learners who take pride in their work.

2.  All students of the Westhill Central School District will experience a comprehensive educational program that is meaningful, collaborative, and purposeful, designed to promote persistent, curious, and self-disciplined learners

3.  All students of the Westhill Central School District shall be engaged in inquiry-based instructional practice that encourages collaboration, risk-taking, and critical thinking with demonstrated evidence.

Recorded Board Meetings:

Public Forum 8/18/20
Public Forum 8/13/20


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