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Erosion Projects

Erosion Project


This year, for the first time, the whole second grade is being exposed to a new science unit all about erosion. The unit comes from the Smithsonian and is very hands on for all students. Our second graders became engineers faced with solving real life problems. The students learned the effects water and wind have on our earth. The first few days of the unit focused on finding the best models to use for our in school erosion projects. We then tested our models to find out which worked the best under the real life conditions. In teams of 3, our scientists had to choose their top 2 materials and build a design to stop the sand from eroding. We had a variety of designs and the students were able to test each. We then added a castle on their hill and tried to stop the erosion of the castle. As many of the engineers watched their design succeed, their cheers could be heard all around the halls. The culmination of our experiment allowed the students to reflect on their own designs and dream about making changes for the future. It was awesome to see how the students applied their learning in such a practical way! 


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