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WHS Honors Biology Students Celebrate World Water Day

WHS Honors Biology Students Celebrate World Water Day


How Can We Heal Our Relationship with Onondaga Lake?

March 22nd officially kicked off World Water Day, a day designated to bring focus and attention to the importance of freshwater, while advocating for the sustainable management of freshwater resources. As part of a grant awarded through Syracuse University, WHS Honors Biology students were provided an opportunity to partake in a project based learning experience centered around reciprocity and Onondaga Lake. As part of the learning experience, the group focused on how Onondaga Lake became contaminated and brainstormed how they could act as stewards for the local community to address various ecological issues. In the showcase students:

  • raised money to help support conservation efforts,
  • created informational QR codes and PSA announcements,
  • sold t-shirts designed by Honors Biology student, Rachel Daniul, illustrating the before and after landscape of a maple tree reflected in Onondaga Lake that shows the impact of global warming (t-shirts are still being sold through Art Club),
  • mailed out over 30 letters to various politicians advocating for policy change on various ecological issues, shared information about the contaminants that exist at the Lakeview Amphitheater (which may have persuaded some parents to bring foldable chairs to summer concerts),
  • shared ideas on how to make yard waste eco-friendlier, so storm water run-off isn't toxic, 
  • discussed the uses of various plant species as agents for removing contaminants from the ground around the lake, and the list goes on...

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