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Westhill Central School District buses travel over 390,000 miles a year.  It takes a staff of approximatly 60 people (Supervisor, Dispatcher, Mechanics, Drivers & Attendants) to get our students to and from school safely each day. We currently service 32 schools/programs within two counties and Rochester.  Bus transportation is availble to all students residing within the Westhill School District.  Current residents must apply for private/parochial transportation by April 1st of the year before, for the following school year.   New residents with appropriate documentation may apply for transportation when moving in.  Forms are on our site.


Bus numbers are painted on them in several locations.  We try our best to keep the same bus on a route throughout the year, but when maintenance is need a spare bus will be assigned to the route. When a spare bus is used a black and white sign is on side of bus near the enterance door displaying the regular route bus number.
Elementary buses are assigned symbols along with bus numbers. When maintenance is required on an elementary bus the correct symbol will be displayed on the side of the spare bus.


Late buses are provided for both High School and Middle School Monday through Friday.  Both High School and Middle School late buses pull out of the buildings bteween 3:00 PM and 3:05 PM.


Students are to be READY at assigned bus stop five minutes PRIOR to assigned time. It's the parents/guardian's responsibilty to see that their children are ready at the appropriate time.  Students are expected to board the bus and sit down as quickly as possibly.  In order for students to arrive at school on time, it is important that they be ready for pick up.  If waiting outside students are to wait 15 feet back from road until the bus is completely stopped.

Parent's / guardians are responsible for the behavior and safety of their students to, from, and at the bus stop until they enter the bus and after they depart the bus.  If you have a safety concern regarding your student's bus stop call the Transportation Department. 


Alternate transportation information is NOT carried over from year to year.  You must reapply each year. Any changes to a students pick up or drop off point most be requested in writing to the Transportation Department and should be done at least 3 business days in advance. You can fax us at 315-423-2965 or email us at

(NOTE: Students are assigned a time in the Transportation letter recieved in August.  These times will change as drivers learn who is, and isn't, riding the route.  Drivers are expected to get consistant times by end of September each year.) 

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