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Kindergarten Garden Kindergarten Garden: Walberta’s 2018-2019 kindergartners planted a variety of plants in our courtyard garden. The students and staff members enjoyed eating cherry tomatoes, looking at the varieties of sunflowers and seeing pumpkins grow. This year, our garden produced enough pumpkins for every classroom to have at least one! Here are a few of Mrs. Merritt’s students with a bit of our harvest
P2 at Work P2 at Work: In Mrs. Evans’ class, 5th graders have been getting in the fall spirit! During the Positivity Project character trait week of creativity, students worked to become fluent writers and build writing stamina during EL. For this fun fall activity, students incorporated creativity from P2 and writing fluency from EL. They were asked to use their creative minds to turn an ordinary leaf into a new image and write a story about it to practice writing fluency. This is one creative group of students!
ECOS Makes Boomerang Bags to Help Environment ECOS Makes Boomerang Bags to Help Environment: The Westhill High School ECOS club has been working on a new project by sewing reusable bags called “Boomerang Bags”. The idea for the creation of these bags originated in Australia after two young girls started a conversation about plastic waste, such as plastic bags, and how much is produced each year and that it keeps damaging our environment. The idea was that if they could start creating reusable bags they would spread awareness about the use of plastic bags and how it keeps harming our precious environment. They decided to name these bags “Boomerang Bags”. The idea quickly spread and has reached several different countries and communities, such as our own. Boomerang Bags have reached over 800 communities worldwide! Now, our ECOS club is in on this amazing ...
Volleyball Wins Section III and NYS Regional Titles Volleyball Wins Section III and NYS Regional Titles: Congratulations to the Westhill Girls Volleyball team, the 2019 Class B New York State Volleyball State Champions!
Volleyball Wins Section III and NYS Regional Titles Volleyball Wins Section III and NYS Regional Titles:   The Warrior volleyball team took home their second consecutive Section III title on Saturday November 9, 2019 at Fayetteville Manlius High School. The girls beat the Trojans of Homer High School in four games to capture the Section III “Class B” title. The Warriors advanced to New York State regional play where they captured the NYS “Class B”  Regional Championship beating the Cougars of Honeoye Falls Lima in three games. The girls will play for the New York State Championship November 23-24 at the Glens Fall Civic Center (Cool Insuring Arena). Congratulations and good luck, Lady Warriors!
Summer Band Happenings Summer Band Happenings: Over two weeks in July and August, eighty camper-musicians, fifty counselors and six music educators from Westhill, Baldwinsville, Christian Brothers Academy, Fayetteville-Manlius, Bishop Ludden, Marcellus, Chittenango, Phoenix, St. John Fisher, St. Rose, Nazareth, St. Joseph’s, Syracuse City, Syracuse Diocese and Syracuse University performed together in the Westhill Summer Band Camp, Jazz Camp and Masterclass Workshops at Westhill High School. The camps were hosted by Westhill Instrumental Music Department teachers, Mrs. Elizabeth Buell, Mr. Corey Riley and Mrs. Erin Tapia.  
OHMS Library Grows Readers OHMS Library Grows Readers: Students and staff at OHMS checked out a record high total of 7,404 books during the 2017-2018 school year. The goal for the 2018-2019 school year was to circulate 8,000 books. We weren’t sure we would make it as the beginning of the school year our numbers were on par. We’re happy to report that as the school year progressed, so did our circulation rates. We shattered the previous year’s record by circulating 8,291 books! Ms. Smith’s class broke the record, and each student received a Frisbee to celebrate. We are very proud of our circulation growth, and hope we continue to grow it next year. Keep reading OHMS staff and students!
First Grade Engineers First Grade Engineers: First grade students have been investigating sound during their Smithsonian science unit. They learned about kazoos and even experimented with materials to make their own!
Award Winners CRS Award Winners CRS: Each year, Cherry Road School recognizes outstanding fourth graders with two awards. This year, the Ron Hill School Spirit award, named for the former CRS principal, was awarded to Kiera Edlund, Reagan Rogers and Tyler Gehm. The Marion Parsons award, named for the first principal of CRS, was given to Dan Young and Lucy DeMore. Teachers nominate and vote for students based on established criteria modeled after the characteristics of the former principals. Congratulations to this year's!
The Positivity Project Video The Positivity Project Video: The Positivity Project Video Mrs. Colaluca's 3rd and 4th grade choirs collaborated with students in Mr. Riley's high school music theory class to write an original song inspired by the Positivity Project. The 4th graders wrote the lyrics, the 3rd graders recorded the vocals and the music theory students composed and produced the music. The video highlights the process and the work of the students involved.  
Walking and Running Club Walking and Running Club:   Friday mornings before school during the month of May, the Site-Based Team at Walberta Park held a Walking and Running Club for students. Over 45 children participated in the group and collectively walked or ran close to 200 miles during the four-week group. What a fun and healthy way to start the day!
Getting in Touch with Nature Getting in Touch with Nature:   Third grade students spent the day exploring stream and pond habitats at Baltimore Woods Nature Center. The Nature Educators from Baltimore Woods provided students with hands-on learning opportunities and their lessons about stream and pond ecology and animal adaptation tied in perfectly with what third graders have been reading about and researching in class. Students enjoyed a hike through the woods, wading in the shallow stream to search for invertebrates and other animals and then used dipping nets to do the same in the pond!
Career Clusters Gallery Walk Career Clusters Gallery Walk:   This quarter, Ms.Gullotto’s 8th grade Home and Careers students participated in their first ever gallery walk. Students surveyed and learned about their top career cluster interests, and after much study, reflected on those recommendations. They then researched, analyzed and created a poster demonstrating their knowledge about career industries including the trends, challenges and outlook of each job sector. Students used the library to present their findings and observe the different occupations that their peers considered. A big thank you to Ms. Feeney for her helpful collaboration and a job well-done to 8th grade Home and Careers students!
Future Teachers Club Future Teachers Club:   With a major teacher shortage on the horizon, the Future Teachers Club was restarted in 2017. The goal was to spark some interest among the student body to enter the field of education.  It is one of the fastest growing clubs on the Westhill High School campus with 30 members. Participants of the club are exposed to possible careers in teaching by shadowing a Westhill Faculty member for an entire day. The hands on experience in the classroom provided students a window into the behind the scenes work required to be an effective teacher. The club would like to thank the following teachers for opening their classrooms to the club members: Mrs. Feeney, Mrs. Byrne, Mrs. Merritt, Mrs. Prior, Mr. Wells, Mr. Noyes, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. Milligan, Ms. Hall, Mr. Ashlaw, Mrs. ...
Kate Thornton Visits WPS Kate Thornton Visits WPS:   Kindergartners have been studying weather and hoped to share their knowledge with an expert in the field. News channel 9 meteorologist, Kate Thornton, came in to give them the opportunity to share what they know. She also shared weather safety tips and taught the students how to read weather maps for clues of wind speeds, precipitation and temperature.
Cheering the Success of Others Cheering the Success of Others:   Mrs. Looten’s class had a video conference with a first grade class in Loredo, Texas. This was a wonderful example of our Positivity Project focus on Cheering the Success of Others (part of the Other People Matter mindset). The class successfully cheered for the other class as well as themselves. It was a successful connection and they did an amazing job reading to the students in Texas.
OHMS Math Team OHMS Math Team:   Congratulations to the OHMS Math Team who competed in their final meet at Tully Jr/Sr High on March 5th. The team ranked 5th out of 18 schools. A special congratulations goes to 7th grader, Cade Caloia, who took 3rd place in the individual competition. Good job team!  Pictured are Sean Stephenson, Nicoletta Scrimale, Cade Caloia, Sydney Bistrovitch and Charlotte Roth. 
Diversity Day Diversity Day:   On March 21, Westhill High School held its second annual “Diversity Day.” In an effort to support an inclusive community, our students and staff participated in a variety of workshops to learn about other cultures, discuss gender and mental health issues, learn about the differently abled, make sandwiches for the homeless and listened to stories shared by our local refugees!  The day kicked off with keynote speaker, Tim Conners, who shared his inspiring story about perseverance as a survivor of leukemia. Although Tim’s cancer caused blindness, he still managed to climb Mount Kilimanjaro. His unique perspective motivated students to think about the importance of overcoming barriers, taking control of their lives and building community. It was ...
World AIDS Day Poster Contest World AIDS Day Poster Contest:   Students in Mrs. D’Angelo’s Health classes made posters for World AIDS Day to help raise awareness of the on-going problem with HIV and AIDS among teens. Although the number of people dying from AIDS has declined over the last 20 years, more than one in five people infected today are 13-24 years of age. Spreading a message of prevention is extremely important in protecting our youth. Students hung their posters in the school halls and bathrooms to help spread the message. This year, the Central New York HIV Care Network also had a World AIDS Day poster contest. Four students entered the contest and won gift cards for their poster entries. John Wikiera, Chairperson for the HIV Care Network, came to school to talk to the students about their posters and present ...
We Rise Above the Streets We Rise Above the Streets:   What are human rights and how do real people and fictional characters respond when those rights are threatened? Students in Mrs. Bove’s 5 th grade class investigated this question in the first module of the newly adopted English-Arts Curriculum (EL 2017). Mrs. Bove’s students developed their ability to read and understand complex text as they considered this question. Woven into this study are habits of character that correlate with the Positivity Project - how can students work to contribute to a better world? To answer this question and as part of a project based learning experience, Mrs. Bove’s students welcomed Alamin Muhammad from We Rise Above the Streets Recovery Outreach into their classroom. Mr. Muhammad shared information about his organization, ...

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